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Finish Line has 5 chiropractors to give you the adjusting you need. The nervous system is the most important system in our body because it is responsible for the communication between your mind and body. Let us help you!


Finish Line employs massage therapists in house to address all soft tissue and muscle issues using many techniques. It is used to promote health and well-being as well as relaxation.

Fitness Classes/Rehab Gym

Finish Line has its very own gym on site for all rehabilitative, training, and back to wellness programs. Jessica Thomas, with Vibe Health and Fitness, is also housed in our gym.

Physical Therapy

Finish Line Wellness now partners with Finish Line Physical Therapy to address issues with quality of life, movement potential, mobility and more.


Acupuncture stimulates powerful points on the body that can balance your body from within and allow it to heal.

“It’s Your Future, Be There Healthy!”

Health and Wellness is the foundation for a strong community. Our mission is to help families and individuals exceed and excel through healthy lifestyles choices. Change begins and ends with individual commitments. Make a difference, lead by example and LIVE a life of excellence! The path to wellness begins with you. Let our LiveLife Center give you the 5 Wills To Wellness.

Live the 5 Wills to Wellness at our LiveLife Center!

The 5 Wills To Wellness

Yoga-on-Beach-resized In your walk of life, we hope that you can say confidently that “I WILL…”
  1. Think Well (Healthy Mind)
  2. Be Well (Healthy Nervous System)
  3. Eat Well (Nutrition)
  4. Move Well (Exercise)
  5. Breathe and Live Well (Minimized Toxins)